Omega-3 Fats Linked to Younger Biological Age

Not only does Omega-3 Fats help with inflammation, heart disease, skin disorders, brain health, immune function and a whole host of others, there is now research that points out it is also beneficial for anti-aging. In this study researchers studied the lengths of telomeres, which have been used as the benchmark for estimating ones biological age. In this study of patients with cardiovascular disease, the telomeres of their white cells analyzed showed those whom had higher concentrations of Omega-3 Fats had longer telomere lengths. The longer the telomere length the younger in biological age you are. This is most likely due to Omega-3 Fats ability to reduce oxidative stress from biochemical reactions within cells. Omega-3 Fats are certainly supplements everyone should take on a daily basis, not only for these reasons but for disease prevention as a whole. The article is at the below address.