Testimonials from patients of Dr. Seth Black N.M.D.

My husband was ill with what we found out was an Auto-Immune disease that really has no name. Treating the symptoms, which were physical and mental, was all we could hope for. We had been to multiple Doctors, both general practice and a few specialists. We’d even been to the Mayo Clinic and saw several Doctors there. But, he continued to decline and I felt like I was losing my husband. We had no choice but, to keep trying. A friend of ours recommended Seth Black, a Naturopathic Doctor. After we learned what type of Doctor that was and how Naturopaths try to heal, we decided we had to try.  

From our first visit, we felt Dr. Black was someone who genuinely cared and that feeling has not changed. He listened (and there was a lot to listen to) during that initial consultation. He went over everything, asked questions that made us feel like he knew well what we were going thru, then he explained how he could help us and why it should improve things. We had to get Rex’s immunity back in the best working order so he could fight the symptoms that were debilitating him. After all the Doctors we’d seen, I’m not sure why this was the first time we were hearing this needed to be done. I can’t say that my husband has been cured but, he’s back! He’s healthier than he’s been in a few years…yes, years! He’s ready to take on life again.

Dr. Black has never been a ‘do this, take that’ and leave the room kind of Doctor. He explained short and long term goals. Any prescriptions or supplements suggested were fully explained why they we’re going to help Rex. And I still can’t believe Dr. Black’s follow up. This man follows up and for us, especially in the beginning, darker days, it was a ray of sunshine that someone really cared (and continues to care to this day). Lastly, he didn’t forget what I was going thru. He kept me up to date, he verified I understood everything being suggested and he comforted me. How many Doctor’s take the time, genuinely care and prove they do time and time again? Dr. Black is what a medical professional should strive to be.  

Donna K

Dr. Seth Black is the best doctor I’ve ever had and I recommend him to everyone I know.  He was recommended to me by a close friend over 2 years ago and I’ve been going to him ever since.  The medical care he has given me has changed my life.  Friends I see on a regular basis comment all the time how much healthier and younger I look and I recently looked at my drivers license picture which was taken 2 years ago and I don’t hardly recognize myself.

Being a disabled Veteran, I’ve been hurt a long time.  I was not getting proper care at the Veterans Hospital and I was very discouraged.  From the first time I met Dr. Black he put together a plan to attack my many injuries.  From getting the proper nutrition, through multi vitamins and Omega3 oils, to acupuncture and adjustments. He even has a new microcirculation device that is absolutely amazing.

The most admirable thing about Dr. Black, is his ability to listen to you about what is wrong.  You never feel rushed to explain what is ailing you.  He is unbelievably friendly and I’ve never encountered a medical subject he wasn’t familiar with.  He’s constantly reading up on the latest advances in medicine so he’ll be able to give the best possible treatment. His distinct level of professionalism is truly a credit to his field.  I am very honored to call him my doctor.

Kenny S


I visited Dr. Black about a year ago on the advice of a friend. I am in my early 40’s and was experiencing many of the typical symptoms of aging: low energy, poor sleep, and weight gain.  He ordered blood work which revealed low vitamin D, low testosterone, as well as other deficiencies. He patiently worked with me to improve my diet, started me on high quality vitamins, and regular testosterone injections. As of today, I have lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 10 pounds of muscle, have substantially more energy, and sleep better than ever. I’ve also received an education on healthy living and constant encouragement from Dr. Black. He is readily available, very genuine, and incredibly accommodating, unlike the typical MD who is quick to move you along and out the door. It is without hesitation that I refer friends and family to Dr. Black.

David T.

I would recommend Dr. Black to everyone! I was first introduced to Dr. Black by my best friend who finally found a doctor that completely cared about him and his entire well-being. Since my best friend has been a patient of Dr. Black, he is feeling better than he has in years and has a brighter outlook on the future that he’s never experienced. 

As for myself, I have had a few procedures done with Dr. Black so far, but plan on him being my doctor for life! I have had the PRP Facial Rejuvenation, Dermal MicroPen and PRP Therapy in my knee. Being an actor, my skin and complexion have to be in good health especially for commercial filming. After the facial procedures Dr. Black performed on me, my skin is softer and my skin tone and texture is incredible! I am also a runner and have had a bad knee that I continued to run on for years with a pull on brace. After my PRP therapy procedure, my knee has felt strong and I have continued running without wearing a brace anymore.

These are just my first procedures I have had with Dr. Black; however, I also have Fibromyalgia and am excited about trying acupuncture and the many other treatment options to optimize my health and overall well-being. Again, I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Black and would recommend him to everyone!

Tracee R

As someone who has suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 14 years, I have made it a point to seek treatment through natural remedies and supplements. After my Physician relocated a family member recommended Dr. Black. When I first saw Dr. Black my endocrine system, and my GI system were terribly out of whack. I was having chronic pain again as well as digestive issues.

Dr. Black took my labs and started my off with a very specific diet and supplements. What a difference! Within 30 days I was feeling so much better, able to eat, major reduction in the inflammation in the skin and the intestines.

Through my treatment Dr. Black was so accessible and quick to respond to my needs and questions. I was not only treated for my symptoms but also educated on how to take care of myself for optimal health. I learned so much about the quality of supplements. I was very impressed not only with Dr. Black’s knowledge and skill as a physician and healer, but also his kindness and compassion. I never felt rushed or had any of my concerns disregarded or minimized.

I highly recommend Dr. Black to anyone who is looking for quality healthcare or to improve your lifestyle for optimal natural health.

 Mona M.

I suffered from hepatitis C for 20 years. Dr. Black brought me back to life again after a failed interferon treatment! He also taught me how to properly take care of my nutrition. A true healer!

Bob P.


To those out there who seek better health and want to understand their body better, I would highly recommend Dr. Seth Black at AZ Med Center in Chandler, AZ.

I found myself in a situation where I took too many medications to treat all my ailments but only felt more miserable.  Dr. Black helped me to feel better and healthier by recommending natural vitamins and minerals and a better diet.  As a matter of fact, whenever I was late to order my precious vitamins, it seemed that my body actually craved the goodness of it.  There were days, when I may not have eaten properly but felt that what I used to boost my health really helped.

I also received vitamin C injections before and after three consecutive surgeries which allowed me to overcome and heal.  In addition, I received Prolotherapy to help with muscle spasms and back aches.

Dr. Black is also a good teacher.  He can tell you things about the human body one would never have heard from most physicians … he takes the time to help you understand.

Wishing all of you “good health!” 

Doris P.

Dr. Black is one of the kindest, most patient doctors I’ve ever experienced. 

Plus very gentle w/the shots!  I had the PRP face lift and was a bit nervous.  Dr. Black explains exactly what’s going to happen before you do the procedure, and before everything he does, and keeps checking in to see how I/the patient is doing.  

Very reassuring!  I’ve had two treatments and I love the results!  I also had the Vit C IV drip.  I was coughing like crazy, as I had pneumonia but within a few minutes of the drip starting, my cough started to subside.  I felt warm and wonderful.  I believe the Vit C really helped me heal fast!   Thank you for your TLC treatment.

Sondra B.


Dr. Seth Black has always been extremely patient and professional. He has always helped me with all of my medical needs and concerns in the past and present. He is always available and eager to satisfy his patients. I would refer Dr. Black as an efficient and caring doctor.

Kim D


I highly recommend Dr. Seth Black’s treatments. They can better your life. Dr. Seth Black is very personable and easy to talk to. He understands your pain and how to treat them. I urge you – give Dr. Seth Black a chance to help you – you have nothing to lose, except pain.

Ruben C.