AZ Med Center uses various tests to evaluate for routine as well as specific analysis, ensuring that all avenues of health can be addressed sufficiently. Laboratory analysis used by AZ med Center includes the following:

Routine testing: These tests are ordered routinely by many physicians to evaluate basic functions within the body. Most of the time those with insurance are covered by these tests and there is typically no out of pocket cost to the patient.

Most often included in these tests are:

  1. Blood cells (red and white)
  2. Organ function (Kidney and Liver)
  3. Thyroid function
  4. Electrolytes
  5. Sugar levels
  6. Cardiovascular risk
  7. Blood proteins

Specialty testing: These are specific tests and generally ordered when other pathology is indicated or symptoms are not easily explained by routine analysis.

  1. Stool analysis (parasites, GI micro-organisms)
  2. Organic acids
  3. Candida and yeast
  4. Environmental testing (heavy metals, pesticides, toxins)
  5. Food intolerance
  6. Hormones
  7. Immune function
  8. Vitamin and anti-oxidant profiles