Acupuncture is most commonly known as Traditional Chinese Medicine involving the insertion of needles to stimulate certain parts of the body. Acupuncture, however, is so much more than this simplistic definition. It is a system for treating ailments ranging from infertility to chronic pain. Needles are inserted using channels, or “meridians” of the body in which the energy of the body flows. The functions of these channels are paired with organs of the body to help treat dysfunctions related to those particular organs. Inserting needles throughout various meridians connect the entire network of channels to help the body’s systems work together as a whole against the ailment(s).

Recently, acupuncture has been increasingly embraced by western medicine and more health professionals treat or refer for acupuncture. AZ MED CENTER uses acupuncture for various conditions but finds superior results with chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Acupuncture is extremely safe, painless in most cases and well tolerated by almost everyone.

F. A. Q

1. Does it hurt?

a. No, it's virtually painless.

2. Is it safe?

a. Yes, it's extremely safe

3. How long does it take?

a. The initial visit is usually one hour

b. Follow up visits are 30 minutes

4. How often do I need to come back?

a. Depending on the condition it may be one time to several times.

5. What conditions does it treat?

a. Fibromyalgia

b. Arthritis

c. Chronic pain syndromes

d. Insomnia

e.  Addiction

f.  Anxiety and depression

g. Many others

6. What results can I expect?
  1.  Reduced pain
  2.  Increased circulation
  3.  Increased joint movement 
  4.  Reduced swelling and inflammation