What is Physical Manipulation?

Physical manipulations, commonly referred to as adjustments, are techniques used for aligning the bones of the body, usually pertaining to the spine or “vertebrae”, so they are in the correct orientation and alignment. Hands, arms, feet and legs can be adjusted as well. Aligning bones correctly, improves communication between the body and the brain which leads to decreased pressure on nerves, reduced pain and improved nervous system function.

What Conditions Does Physical manipulation Treat?

Physical manipulation is used for the treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal mechanical disorders, most notably arthritis and degenerative disc disease. As mentioned earlier, the main outcome for manipulation is treating the nervous system, which affects general health. Physical manipulation also treats the muscles and tissues holding the joints together. Physical manipulation is useful for pain of any kind- headaches, gastrointestinal problems, sciatica, poor circulation and various other conditions. Physical manipulation is considered safe for most everyone, with very few exceptions. Most patients find immediate relief from painful areas without having to resort to prescriptive medications.

AZ MED CENTER recommends physical manipulation for all patients and should be a part of everyone’s overall health plan.