Prescription Drug Detoxification

AZ MED CENTER treats prescription drug dependence and addiction by using a multisystem approach based on each individual’s chemistry. Traditional treatment for prescription drug addiction typically consists of prescribing more drugs along with counseling, without looking at the individual as a whole. At AZMEDCENTER, we address the root of the problem in respect to the individual, rather than providing a general treatment plan for every person. By addressing the underlying mental, emotional and biochemical imbalances, we ensure the mind and body is working harmoniously.

AZ MED CENTER treats prescription drug detoxification by using:

  • Functional medicine
  • IV therapies
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Environmental medicine
  • Neurotransmitter precursors
  • Counseling
  • Natural anti-inflammatories

At AZ MED CENTER we address all underlying issues. It has been demonstrated in many clinical trials that those who are dependent or addicted are generally deficient in several key vitamins and minerals, which are known to regulate brain function, either, as a result of poor nutrition, poor absorption or poor nutrient reservoirs.

AZ MED CENTER also address the following based on the individual:

  • Neurochemistry
  • Dependency and withdrawal
  • Functional medicine*
  • Nutrition**
  • Mind / body connection
  • Support groups

*Functional medicine focuses repairing and restoring the body at a cellular level first. The goal of functional medicine is to repair the cells first, then organs and systems so they all can function together as a cohesive unit. Once the connections between systems have been repaired, the body begins to act harmoniously, leading to synchronization within the systems controlling the body. IV therapy is used as a part of functional medicine, which enhances the concentrations of essential vitamins and cofactors required to drive cellular biochemistry and neurochemistry. With IV therapy, patients can regain normal function faster, and in most cases are able to return to normal physiology.

**Nutritionally, our patients at AZ MED CENTER consume specific anti inflammatory, whole foods, which reduce inflammation, leading to decreased immune activation and optimized recovery. This is by no means a lifelong adherence to these specific foods, but by giving the body the full spectrum of nutritional cofactors and vitamins and repairing the GI system simultaneously, the body is able to function and absorb nutrients more efficiently.