Wellness Program

Most of us think about ways to improve our health, often trying various ways to just feel well without ever getting the results we were looking for. For those looking to improve their health or wanting to prevent chronic disease and illnesses, you have found the right spot. Maintaining great health requires professional grade supplements, a balanced nutritional food system and optimizing mind body and spirit and is achieved through personalized programs, based on individual needs. AZ Med Center has individualized preventative programs based on your needs and goals for prevention. Whether you are looking to:

  • Lose weight
  • Reduce cancer, cardiovascular and chronic disease risk
  • Have less pain
  • Look and feel great
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Increase your energy

Recent research is now corroborating what we have known for decades. Nutrition is the foremost key to health and well-being. Vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are now being studied extensively for their effect on chronic diseases and overall general health and wellness. It is important to know that not all nutritional supplements are the same. Many inexpensive brands you find in supermarkets and made from inferior ingredients and most contain fillers or other substances which may be harmful. Only professional grade supplements should be used to ensure you get the best product, which gets the best results. AZ Med Center only uses pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Most chronic diseases are preventable and ultimately save your heath and pocketbook in the end. As we age, become overweight and become less active, we begin to see general health decline and chronic diseases develop. AZ Med Center has the program for you. First, a consultation with a board certified Physician will address all your underlying causes that are preventing you from feeling your best. Then a custom individualized treatment plan is tailored for your specific needs.

AZ Med Center offers wellness packages for individuals looking to maintain and improve their health for just over $6 per day. Individualized packages begin at $199.00 per month ($575.00 value / 65% savings) and include:

One visit per month including:

1. Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements ($125 value)

2. Personalized treatment plan

3. Health education materials

4. Weight management program

5. Prescription medication management

6. Insurance coverage for medication is covered in almost all cases

7. Clinical nutrition program

8. Blood work* (6 month and yearly memberships only)

9. Acute care for:

Pain associated ailments

Seasonal colds and flu

10. Treatment with one of the following:


Physical manipulation

Weekly lipotropic injections (increase energy and burn fat)

Prolotherapy (1 joint)

All members may add in additional services listed below at 50% discounted rate:

Yearly plans receive a 10% discount

6 month plans receive a 5% discount