Worse fibromyalgia symptoms reported by young people

Just as it says in the title of this article, young folks report severe symptoms such as pain, IBS, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction and many others. More and more young people are acquiring this disease as I have seen patients as young as 18 years old and many other young people with fibromyalgia who report similar findings.

Fibromyalgia is generally recognized as having a genetic component and an acquired component. The genetic component relates to fibromyalgia occurring in families or close relatives more often than the general population. Mitochondria seem to be responsible for this family clustering, as mitochondria are transferred only from the mother to their children. Those who have immediate family members with fibromyalgia may already have this genetic disposition and thus fibromyalgia may show up earlier in life.

Acquired fibromyalgia is thought to be due to environmental pollutants, medications known to cause mitochondrial dysfunction, toxins which impede mitochondrial function. There are abundant compounds which may lead to mitochondrial dysfunction and thus it is important to rid the body of potentially harmful compounds to limit the chances of developing fibromyalgia.

Thankfully, we know which specific vitamins, minerals and co-factors are needed to keep mitochondria functioning normally so free radical damage does not damage them permanently. These consist of anti-oxidants and TCA cycle intermediates and all function together to make energy for the cell and thus the body. Because energy is made within the mitochondria, and mitochondrial disease is a causative factor for fibromyalgia, it makes sense that fatigue, exercise intolerance and muscle weakness are several hallmarks of fibromyalgia. By supplementing the specific vitamins, minerals and co-factors we can increase mitochondrial function and energy production while reducing oxidative stress.

In addition to supporting mitochondria with specific vitamins, minerals and co-factors, those with fibromyalgia also must reduce inflammation, which is the basis for almost all chronic disease. This accomplished in many ways through nutrition. By eating a whole food based diet based upon the Paleo Mediterranean diet, we can circumvent inflammation and let the body heal itself from the inside.